Wheezy to Jessie (Debian 8) upgrades

What did I run into? This...

Gnome desktop

I use "flashback":

  • Windows titlebars had no minimize/maximize buttons (just close). This fixed it (NB it's dconf-editor used).

  • Nautilus was showing hidden files by default for some reason. Dconf fix here.

  • In gnome-tweak-tool I used to have appearance for Theme (window/GTK+/Icons/Cursor) set to Clearlooks-Phenix for the first two. This now really doesn't work for the "gnome apps" (nautilus, eog and so on). Setting GTK+ to Adwaita seems to be the only sane option (with clearlooks, the windows don't get enough decoration to be able to tell where the edges are).

  • With that, eog seems to default to "dark look" (even if "global dark look" isn't selected in the tweak tool). Can get it back to normal look by installing eog-plugins and then enabling the "Disable Dark Theme" plugin in eog's preferences.

Email (evolution): Seems upstream has ditched support for spamassassin's spac/spamd, so had to revert to relatively slow direct spamassassin invocation.

Media stuff

  • video playing: mplayer2, mpv, vlc.
  • ffmpeg: Move to libav-tools
  • hpodder (already obsoleted in wheezy): migrated to podget (which is simpler).


Printer: needed driver reinstall; followed instructions here: http://thestandardoutput.com/posts/install-brother-hl-2270dw-printer-on-debian-jessie/.

autofs: stopped working until I updated /etc/auto.master with this minor tweak: http://russell.ballestrini.net/autofs-net-automount-stopped-working/

My backup server stopped working due to rsync as a service being disabled by the upgrade. Easily restarted, once you figure out what's happened; see Debian bug #764616

Laptop specific

  • I'm sure the power status toolbar applet used to be able to launch gnome-power-statistics.

  • Vodafone 3G dongle. Used to run various bits of SW from Vodafone with names like Vodafone Mobile Connect and Betavine Connection Manager (some history). These all seem to have disappeared (which is a shame as they had the advantage of some usage monitoring and could access text messages incoming to the device (useful/essential for usage abroad); it could send them too. The device works well enough for IP with Gnome Network Manager but it's irks me not to have a way of accessing the other functionality. More here.

  • Firewall: firestarter is gone; move to gufw.

  • Lenovo S10e netbook had no wifi. Installed firmware-b43-installer. That still needed an explicit modprobe b43 to get it to connect, despite listing b43 in /etc/modules. An aptitude purge broadcom-sta-common broadcom-sta-source seemed to get rid of whatever was blacklisting it.

  • Couple of instances of first attempt to connect to a previously well-used wifi access point produced cryptic error dialogs from libnm-glib. Reentering the access point password in the "Edit connections..." dialog seemed to fix it... Or maybe it was the big purge on configurations; see Debian bug #754483. So, switched from Gnome Flashback to Mate. More recent upgrades on another laptop didn't have this problem so stuck with gnome-flashback.